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Allum book-keeping services are based in Dorset and offer a tailored service to your needs. Whether you are a small or large company in the Weymouth, Dorchester area, I would be happy to relieve you of the burden of bookkeeping....

Allum book-keeping services offer a full bookkeepingservice.

I will record your business transactions from the information received and produced by your business.

I will discuss your requirements and will provide your business with as much support as you require.

I will record your business day to day transactions for you and implement appropriate controls for your business. This will not only ensure you meet your responsibilities for keeping appropriate accounting records but ensures you reduce the risk of fraud within your business.

Because I keep up to date with financial legislation, I can keep you informed of the requirements of HMRC in maintaining books and keeping records.

If you keep your own books, why not let me manage what is becoming an ever more important and complex aspect of running a business. 

You will then be free to concentrate on other aspects of your business, thus increasing turnover.

As a fully qualified, certified and experienced bookkeeper, I will be able accurately to deal with every aspect of your bookkeeping requirements such as:

  • Cash book
  • Sales and sales returns day book (sales invoices and credit notes)
  • Purchase and purchase return day book (purchase invoices and credit notes)
  • Cash book
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Petty cash book
  • General ledger book
  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit and loss report

If you are VAT registered you will be able to use the bookkeeping records to produce your VAT Returns or alternatively you can take advantage of my VAT Return Service.

I can combine my payroll service with my bookkeeping service to ensure you have proper controls in place and receive a complete service.

If you have any enquiries or would like further information on the services provided, please feel free to contact me. 

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